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When Building Assets for the Future, Does Your Long-Term Care Plan Really Plan for the Long Term?

Asset Management Group


Validating the trust our clients place in us is the strongest motivation behind our investment philosophy. The level of personal care and interest we vest in our client relationships is reflected in the exhaustive research and analysis provided by our in-house asset management team. We are not short-term speculators. We are not trying to time the market. We are long-term asset allocators and believe in staying invested while shifting capital to undervalued asset classes when opportunities arise.


We believe in building diversified portfolios based on Modern Portfolio Theory, ensuring adequate return for the level of risk taken. In our view, well-constructed multi-asset portfolios have the opportunity to outperform over the long run, designed to protect capital in down markets and participate in up markets.

It is essential to have a disciplined, repeatable investment process forming the structure for future asset allocation decisions. Our asset allocation framework leverages an in-house forecasting process based on mean reversion theory and seeks to identify asset classes that are either over-or under-valued. The output of this exercise informs the asset allocation decisions incorporated into our multi-asset portfolios. Through dynamic portfolio management, we continuously review our asset class targets and implement changes consistent with our outlook as necessary.

Our fund selection process seeks to identify managers with a consistent track record of implementing investment strategies producing above-average returns with below-average risk. We are proponents of active management but recognize passive management has its merits and can be useful in specific applications. We incorporate both management styles into our models utilizing each of their strengths to develop a best-in-class set of portfolios.

Through a vehicle agnostic approach, we can offer unique solutions incorporating mutual funds, ETFs and individual stocks. Our goal is to utilize all available tools to deliver the culmination of our portfolio construction process in the most efficient manner, inclusive of our best thinking.

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