Worried Your Financial Strategy is
Missing Something?

Is Your Current Insurance Program Supporting or Supplanting Your Financial Plan?

Risk Management Group

The key role insurance plays in financial planning is often overlooked and underemphasized. While home, auto, umbrella and business insurance is considered a common and often obligatory expense, the impact of this particular segment of a client’s portfolio is profound, whether positive or negative. Every other area of planning can be significantly undermined if the protection portfolio of insurance is incorrectly or inadequately applied. A lifetime of accumulation and careful succession planning can be wiped out in an instant if the insurance in place is inaccurate. At VINITY, we pride ourselves on educating our clients on the critical importance of carefully constructed Insurance planning. VINITY Risk Management Group is a licensed, fully operational independent insurance agency representing a number of nationally known and financially strong insurance carriers. As an independent agency, we are not tied nor obligated to any particular carrier, which instills confidence with our clients that we will always put their best interests first and find the best option and value for them while never compromising on coverage.

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Vinity Tax Group

Our Tax Group provides access to an array of Tax Services, from Basic Tax Filing to Actionable Tax Strategies Crafted by a Certified Tax Coach with expertise in Real Estate, Business Owner and Investor Arenas.


Vinity Risk Management Group

Experienced insurance advisors craft comprehensive protection strategies for home, auto, liability and business insurance using a variety of well-known and financially-strong Independent, national carriers.


Vinity Asset Management Group

Internal, dedicated Asset Management Team developing nimble, institution-caliber investment solutions for retail investors.


Vinity Insurance Group

Financial Protection Platforms are provided by Vinity’s Insurance Group, including Income Planning, Long Term Care Mitigation, Life Insurance, Disability and Medicare.


Vinity Legacy Group

Access to attorneys with the highest degree of integrity specializing in Trust and Estate Planning, Probate Law and Disputes, Trust Administration and Elder Law.