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Are Your Beneficiary Designations Creating A Larger Tax Burden?

Tax Group

Whether you are an individual needing to file simple tax returns or a business owner seeking guidance through regulations and constraints, VINITY clients have access to these resources at their fingertips. Small- and medium-sized business owners are the backbone of our economy and are the creators of most jobs. Unfortunately, they are inundated with regulations and taxes that make it very difficult to run their businesses.

VINITY is proud to have access to one of only 600 certified tax coaches in the country, taking a strategic approach to tax planning with the main goal of reducing the tax burden on your business or personal estate.

Explore Our Suite of Solutions:

Vinity Tax Group

Our Tax Group provides access to an array of Tax Services, from Basic Tax Filing to Actionable Tax Strategies Crafted by a Certified Tax Coach with expertise in Real Estate, Business Owner and Investor Arenas.


Vinity Risk Management Group

Experienced insurance advisors craft comprehensive protection strategies for home, auto, liability and business insurance using a variety of well-known and financially-strong Independent, national carriers.


Vinity Asset Management Group

Internal team of qualified investment strategists research, analyze and construct nimble, client-centric investment solutions and provide ongoing dynamic asset management focused on harmonized, efficient valuations.


Vinity Insurance Group

Our seasoned advisors build financial protection platforms utlizing Income Planning, Long Term Care Mitigation, Life Insurance, Disability and Medicare.


Vinity Legacy Group

Access to attorneys with the highest degree of integrity specializing in Trust and Estate Planning, Probate Law and Disputes, Trust Administration and Elder Law.